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Spirit Boats

Online or In Person Workshops

I invite you to join me in exploring this amazing vehicle and treat yourself to an extraordinary voyage. The Spirit Boat is a sacred vessel to access realms we long to visit. Movement between worlds is possible in this transformational, mystical and supporting holder for one to go deeper into their own source of power. 

Workshops are now via Zoom. Enrollments will be open soon.

What are spirit boats?

About Spirit Boats

Since the beginning of time, a boat, imbued with spirit to keep it safe, served cultures as they navigated unknown elements to arrive at another shore. The spiritual aspect of these journeys was celebrated in rituals, healings, legends and art. These meta-physical vessels made life richer for all who became aware of their power.  Spirit Boats can be found in stories of origin and can carry us to the stars. They show up around the world and evoke mystery, generate inquiry and represent a universal journey we all are on. By engaging with a Spirit Boat, insights and energies expand. This encounter carries immense positive potential.

I love working with this symbol of movement and passage, using them as a means to travel to a place of higher learning, of light and transformation. 


My work also includes other symbols: Spirit Arks, vessels that represent preservation, survival and a greater understanding of our place on this planet, Ladders for ascension, Standing Stones as guiding posts and Whales that go between the worlds.

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